Games basket

A basket of current options for investing in Blockchain Games Tokens.
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Basket's composition

A true mix of solid options to invest and passively profit from.

Who is the Nox's Games Basket for:

The most complete solutions in investing in cryptocurrencies.
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For those who wish to guarantee their exposition in the blockchain games market intuitively and as easy as a double tap.
For those who seek bold exposition and above average gains, without the need of dedicating much time of their daily lives;
For those who wish to take advantage of the unique moment we're living to invest in blockchain games and expose themselves to explosions of income.
For those who seek passive income and easy control over their investments.

What is an investment basket?

Our Investment Baskets are like “portfolios” pre-assembled and managed by the main market experts in the country. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of options, and the opportunity to be exposed to the best opportunities for income, with the simplicity of downloading an app and double-tap your cell phone screen.

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Options for all profiles

Discover all our Baskets, and invest in the one that best suits your profile. We have the perfect option for you!

Altcoin basket
Altcoins are the most solid projects on the market. Cryptocurrencies with the highest Market Cap, better known, reliable and secure. Essential for investors who have a positive futuristic vision!
Game basket
This is your chance to invest in crypto games with very high upside potential. Invest in the most promising market of the moment with the help of our experts.
DeFi basket
Cryptocurrencies came to decentralize finance once and for all! This is the best opportunity to invest in DeFi projects and generate passive income sources with the crypto market.

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