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João Paulo Oliveira

CEO and founder of Nox Bitcoin


t's very simple. Just access the Nox Bitcoin app, register, validade your confirmation e-mail, and provide your information. As soon as the registration is approved, you can start investing.


Accessing through Home, click on depois, scan the QR code with your Bank's app or cryptocurrency Wallet and send the desired amount. Your deposit will be processed in a few minutes.

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Nos you can enjoy all the financial gains we can offer! Simply pick the investment's Basket that best fits your goals.

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We're always at your disposal to guide and answer anny questions you might have about investments and transactions. Reach us via online chat, e-mail or phone (11) 93222-2418.

Our CEO has a message for you:

João Paulo Oliveira

CEO and founder of Nox Bitcoin

We provide free materials and content, seeking ways to help in decision making. Get access to our reports with price and market analysis of cryptocurrencies.


The best options to invest

  • Altcoins Basket
  • Games Basket
  • DeFi Basket
Altcoins are the most solid projects in the market. The most known cryptocurrencies with the biggest Market Cap, reliable and safe. Essential to investors who possess a futuristic and positive vision! This is a unique chance to invest in cripto games with high value potential. Take advantage of the great moment in the games market, and guarantee your exposition to our best theories. Cryptocurrencies have arrived to decentralize finances once and for all! This is the perfect opportunity to invest in DeFi projects, and, generate passive income sources in the crypto market in the simplest way in history… with a few taps on your phone.
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What do people think of investing with Nox?

Carolina Paiva
The platform is very educational and acessible to all types of investors, from the most conservative to the most expert. I'm loving the experience.
Raquel Brando
Intuitiva and easy to use. Creating my account Took less than 5 minutes because all the steps are quick and fluid. Let alone the amazing usability, not freezing or bugging. Great experience.
Felipe Alvarenga
Investir with Nox brings me the confidence of someone who knows the time to enter and leave initiatives, diversifying at a great point for the best return.

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